Welders sought?

Interested clients! We have concluded agreements with the most multidisciplinary companies in the Netherlands and Belgium, which have submitted their requests to us for hiring welders.

With around 60 (certified) welders working for us, you can say that we are good at mediating welders.

DA hires itself out to your location for all work. We also have good contacts for personnel such as certified welders, burners, ironworkers, etc.

Since the interest and intake at technical vocational schools to become a welder remains low in the Netherlands, we have a partnership with an agency abroad within the EU member states. The collaboration for the deployment of high-quality welders.

  • MIG/MAG welders
  • TIG Welders

We provide the education and training for educating a (prospective) Welder at our head office (training center), as well as testing the professional competence of a welder.

Are you, as a company, open to the use of a foreign Welder who speaks good English and understands his or her profession? Please contact PetroMGroup to schedule an appointment.

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M. Dulda

T (+31) 6 48 16 19 95